Where, what and when should I buy?

Where, what and when should I buy?

•What type of property should I buy?

•Where should it be located?

•Who do I speak to, to source property?

•How do I know if the property is in a good area?

•How do I know that I will be able to rent the property?

•What about solicitors, searches and legal advice?

•Will I pay transfer duty?

Location, location, location is vitally important when considering a buy-to-let purchase. Crestwood Property solutions specialise in property selection in the South East of England and have numerous properties under management and over 10 years experience of owning, managing and renting property in the South East. We specialise in sourcing good rental properties in desirable areas where demand is stable and where rental values have shown consistent growth.

We save you the time and hassle of researching hundreds of properties through numerous agents. We select the very best for your viewing or appraisal. We offer an objective view and independent appraisal during the property selection process.

We act as a local contact for discussions, negotiations and to manage the sale process.

We provide you with a financial summary of expected returns, yields and local area statistics per property.

Through our network of approved contacts we have access to Properties, as soon as, or before they come on to the market and are often able to negotiate below asking price deals.