Should I invest in the UK?

Is there an opportunity to invest in the UK buy to let market?

Three good reasons to invest in the UK

1) Current Market conditions- Recent correction in UK property prices, attractive exchange rates as a result of the weakened GBP, and an exceptionally low Bank of England Base Rate (currently 0.5%)

2) Stable Economy- The UK is a world economic leader and a member of the G8. A founding member of the UN and NATO, it is generally regarded as a reassuringly safe and solid country in which to invest

•A general mistrust in institutions, confusion over the pension, tax systems and falling equity markets has led popular opinion towards investing in properties in the UK. More and more people are turning to property due to failure of high expected returns in other sectors.

3) Economic factors-There is a solid long term opportunity to make profitable returns in property investment. Huge population growth, sluggish government housing policy, and interest rates will influence the property purchasing process as well as an increase in the need and number of buy to let properties in the coming decade.

•There is a shortage of housing in all sectors of the market and due to high entry costs many people cannot afford their own home.

•The UK population is growing at around 0.7% per annum and will reach 65 million plus by 2018 and 70 million by 2028.

–These factors will result in a significant increase in demand for quality rental property.

–High entry costs mean that a large proportion of the population simply cannot afford to buy property thus increasing rental demand

Our Company focuses on the The South East Property Market:

House prices in the UK were 2% higher than a year ago in July as the strength of the South East property market outweighed declines elsewhere in the UK. (source:ONS)

The South East (outside London-commuter belt) has consistently provided strong and stable returns for buy to let investors

The South East offers good rental returns and capital growth has been consistently positive for many decades

The target areas of Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells offer excellent rail links to London, between 30-45 minutes and are highly sought after areas to reside due to the excellent grammar and independent schools in the area.