Outstanding results for our clients

Post date: Sep 23, 2014 9:57:05 AM

Crestwood Property Solutions recently celebrated the first year anniversary of our initial property purchases, for our very first clients........ and we have a lot to celebrate!

In August 2013 we completed a number of purchases in the target area in the South East of England.We have recently received mortgage valuations on various of the properties (these are inherently conservative to protect the lenders interests) and the results are very pleasing.

Over the last year, industry experts disclose a 10% increase in Property prices in the UK, we are delighted to report that our clients have experienced a 16% capital gain over the same period.

    • 6% higher than the average in the UK.
    • Bearing in mind the properties are tenanted and achieving rental yields in excess of 5% and in some cases as high as 6.2%.
    • this in aggregate is a significant return for our South African investors (notwithstanding ZAR depreciation over the same period).

We remain steadfastly confident in future return from our target market with the South East.

· We continue to work very hard at delivering an unparalleled service to our clients

· Aim to remove as much of the anxiety associated with purchasing a property in a foreign country as possible.

· Our total purchase solution provides advice, support and management through the entire purchasing and renting cycle.

· &, in addition Crestwood Property Solutions provides an alternative investment solution for SA investors in the form of a holding in an LLP structure.