I am a property owner ,what do I do now?

1) How do I ensure that my property is rented consistently?

2) Who do I call when I have a problem with my property?

3) How do I know that I am getting a fair price for repairs and maintenance?

4) How do I know that the tenant is going to pay?

5) How do I know that the tenant is looking after my property?

6) Do I have any legal obligations to the tenant?

7) Is my tenancy agreement sound?

8) What will my financial position look like?

Crestwood property solutions offers a property management service to take care of any issues arising with regards to tenant disputes,property maintenance, routine safety checks, rent collection and general management of your property.

Crestwood Property solutions have an established network of tradesmen, agents and providers that have proven to be cost effective and provide excellent levels of service over the years. This network is utilised to manage and maintain properties under our management.