Service Offerings

A professional approach to buy-to-let property investment

Crestwood Property solutions brings you an unparalleled and professionally managed solution to investing in and managing Buy to Let property in the UK. With over 10 years in property management experience in the UK and one of the leading brands in Mortgage provision we are able to provide you with a seamless end to end service when considering the purchase or management of Buy-to-Let in the UK.

Three bespoke service offerings:

1)Acquisition and relocation Property solution (APS):

For investors wishing to purchase buy-to-let property in the UK and who require a management service. Relocation services for international clients.

2)Managed Property Solution (MPS):

For investors who already own property in the UK, we offer a property management service.

3)Investment property solution (IPS):

A property partnership (LLP) which invests in Buy-to-Let property in the South East of England.

Our Business is successful because we offer unparalleled service and we surround ourselves with a carefully selected network of trusted partners to provide a seamless service to our clients. Integrity is key in all of our dealings and we value our reputation.

The Acquisition process explained :

Pre purchase planning:

What you need to think about before we can start looking for buy-to-let properties:

1)What is your objective, ie. rand hedge, asset diversification, school fees funding, income provision in old age etc etc.

2)What is your time frame for investment?

3) How much can you borrow and what are the repayment criteria?

4)What type of investment vehicle would best suit your objectives, to consider- tax, inheritance, access to cash etc.

5)What type of loan do you require, personal loan, mortgage loan?

6)How much can you borrow and how much needs to be put down as a deposit (this will depend on the lender).

7)How will your loan work and when will the cash be released.

8)Inheritance planning.

Defining areas and how the purchasing process works:

We provide an overview of what you need to know about buying property in the UK and we cover:

1) The UK property market and why the South East is a good area to buy.

2) What does a good rental property look like and what are the expected returns (rental yields and rent inflation)?

3) Capital growth expectations and forecasts.

4)What are the pro's and con's of new builds vs. Victorian properties?

5)Leasehold vs. freehold implications of each.

6)Remortgaging and how that works in the UK- interest only vs capital repayment. Duration of loans and remortgaging frequency.

7)What is the estate agents role?

8)What is "gazumping"?

9)What to look for when viewing a property:

structural defects


quality of workmanship

shared access

potential for improvement/ value add

double glazing

10)What type of offers can be made? Typical discounts to asking price,

11)What are the buying costs?

12)What is the cost of insurance?

13)Taxes on rental income and how this works.

14)Typical costs associated with letting a property on a monthly basis.

Viewing and Selecting property

When you arrive to view property or provide us with a mandate to view property on your behalf.

We conduct a pre briefing which will provide an overview of:

1) Target property types,areas and streets, target rental yields and values.

2) What state the property should be in for letting out.

3) What would tenants expect- ie. white goods, curtains, utilities on meters or direct debit.

4) What tenants typically look for, access to schools, trains, commuting, town centre etc.

5) Our services for managing property refurbishments, typical costs of refurbishing a property.

6) Indicative costs associated with upgrading a property, carpeting, painting, boiler replacement, kitche makeover, double glazing replacement,

7) Indicative timings to upgrade a property.

8) Tenants on benefits-pro's and con's.

Our Role once an offer is made:

1)We will liaise with the estate agent.

2) We will advise on conveyancing firms.

3) We will suggest accountants.

4) We will facilitate the purchasing process-assist with communication and information flow with Solicitors when required

  • Advise on the selection of surveys firms and survey types

  • Assist with documentation and couriering where appropriate

  • Advise on suitable insurance companies and products

What information/ documentation will you be required to produce:

1) Certified copies of passport, utility bills.

2) Proof of funds.

3)Once your offer is accepted ,you will be required to have access to some funds to pay -we provide a service to cover small costs associated with the purchase for you for reimbursement.

4)Anti-money laundering information.

Our role in managing the Properties and likely post purchase costs:

1)Maintenance- we provide access to a pre selected bank of service providers- painters carpenters, plumbers,electricians, etc.

2) We appoint tenant finding agents and manage the selection of a tenant and advise on associated fees.

3) We will check the tenant into the property, provide a check in report and handover the keys.

4) We conduct 6 monthly reviews of the property and provide a report to the client

5) We provide recommendations on accountants and typical costs.

6) We advise on insurance providers.

7) We provide a comprehensive overview of our service in relation to property management:

  • rent collection

  • check in and check out of tenants

  • maintenance costs and subcontractors- obtaining quotes- reviewing quality of work and providing pictures to the client

  • scanning and electronic filing of all paperwork and guarantees.

  • Cash flow statements on a monthly basis.