Loren Williams


Founder- Loren is a founder and CEO of Crestwood property solutions. Loren is an intrepid lover of property, having invested many years ago in her first buy-to-let. She has lived and worked as a management consultant in the South East for over 10 years and has extensive knowledge of the area and the property market, having bought and sold a number of properties. Loren has built up a network of advisers and colleagues over the years and only those that are reliable, trustworthy and have impeccable integrity form part of the solution to providing end to end property purchasing and management services for our clients.

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Ken Williams

NED strategic finance and LLP Management- Ken has held a portfolio of properties for over 10 years in the UK and is invested in a partnership which holds properties to a total value of £4.1m. Ken holds a BEcon in International Economics from Rhodes University and MBA from the University of South Africa.

Tigger Neeves

Property find and relocation expert

Tigger has extensive knowledge of the Property market having been born in Kent and lived there for most of her life. She had her own Relocation Company specialising in the South East, and has a wealth of experience in the South East of England.

Clint Hillhouse

Operations Manager

Clint was previously General Manager at Selborne Hotel, Spa & Golf Estate South Africa. Subsequently he has held a number of senior Operational and Business Development positions in the South East of England. Clint is passionate about property management, business efficiency and client service.

Caroline Selmi

Caro is in charge of administration and office work and has a BA degree . Caro has previously worked in recruitment and as a executive assistant for the RIBA.