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I am not sure how to structure my investment

Grappling with the following questions?

How do I optimise my tax position?
How do I structure my investment?
How do I obtain the best advice?
Where should an offshore vehicle be based ?
Can I get a loan or mortgage?
What rate will I be charged?
Can I afford to do this?


Standard Bank - providing offshore loans to Standard Bank private clients for property purchases in the UK.

Through our partners at Sable wealth we provide:
Advice on setting up offshore investment structures:
Tax and insurance advice.
Mortgage advice

Sable Wealth is a UK based financial advisory firm regulated by the FSA in the UK to provide investment, mortgage, tax and
insurance advice to retail clients. The Sable Group is a South-Africa centric company with the largest portion of their clients, staff,
advisers and directors being South African. They are unique in the UK by having a detailed understanding of the financial services
and tax environments in the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. They provide investment solutions for both our clients
here in the UK and globally located South Africans. They also provide advice on mortgage finance and structuring of offshore entities. What is significant to you as the South African adviser is that they don’t hold an FSB licence. Sable Wealth as a result is uniquely positioned to become the ‘outsourced offshore provider of non-SA solutions to clients.

What are the solutions?
They intend to help you by offering themselves as a sounding board for offshore aspects of a clients wealth.
They are here to help you:
• Create a truly offshore investment solution for part of your invested assets
• Arrange the relevant mortgage finance for those purchases
• Advise on the tax impact in SA and the UK (or elsewhere) of offshore activities

Get in touch, we will put you in contact with our partners at Sable Wealth to discuss your needs- Sable are FSA regulated Mortgage Advisers and Wealth Managers. They specialise in providing advice to South African and Australian investors.